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Temporal Horizons Theatre

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Here at Temporal Horizons Theatre one of our core tenants is focused on giving opportunities to different Creatives within the Industry, including those just starting out, that may not traditionally have had a space for their work.


Temporal Horizon Theatre aims to work in a similar vein to Peter Brook's theatre company the International Centre for Theatre Research where there is truly diverse group of people all contributing, and helping with, all facets of production and in creating shows.

We will post on this page when we are looking for people to join the main team as Associate Members (who then have the option of becoming core Team members in the future should they so wish to)or if we are looking for people with specific skills for a single production or working with us for a full season or seasons. For Actors who are interested in being part of a repertory collective with us, we will post when spaces become available. Temporal Horizons Theatre may also be looking into offering a mentoring acting scheme in the future, via our repertory collective, and will post more on this once it is developed.

For writers, we have a passion to help bring new talent to the stage and hope to offer in future a fixed submission window, (which will list requirements/rules), for your work. Temporal Horizons Theatre will then look to offer any of the following: a full production of your work; a full staged Rehearsed Reading; a full read-through with the core Team and Actors with a subsequent talk and notes to help you further your own development of your play; a Research and Development period with us of your play, with possible further options offered to you by Temporal Horizons Theatre; group and individual workshops to help you progress in your writing. We are also looking into developing a mentoring scheme for early writing careers but will post more on this in the future as it is developed. 


All opportunities we be posted on this page and across all our Social Media as they appear so please keep checking our website and posts regularly! 


As we are a small Team we are currently unable to accept, or respond to, any unsolicited work offers, writing or acting requests.

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Current Opportunities

Associate Member  

We are looking for a lead person to head and run our outreach and internal workshops, run our production rehearsals as well as taking on responsibilities for venue / location scouting and management, alongside Harry Fitzpatick, Director of Temporal Horizons Theatre and Charlie Catton, Head of Production of Temporal Horizons Theatre, as well other members of the Company as appropriate


This position starts as an Associate post, but there is progression to become a full Company member should the Associate wish to in future, and on condition the Team also agrees.


Your main duties would be to contact and run outreach workshops on the plays or ideas that are in development by Temporal Horizons Theatre with outside organisations including schools, colleges, Universities; you would be the lead and run all workshops on internal projects that the company runs for research and development as well as production workshops; you would be the lead for running and organising all rehearsals and warm-ups for productions in the theatre; you would be expected to find venues/ locations for the staging of the plays being run by the theatre, and also locations / venues for all rehearsals and workshops.  

We are looking for a friendly, personable candidate who is passionate about Theatre and its processes, as well as working to bring in a diverse audience that is also non-traditional. We are also looking for someone who is not afraid to suggest potential techniques and concepts that can help us explore ideas or productions. You will need to love hard work and working collaboratively within the Team and with all the production crew, and who is able to talk to a different groups of people to get across and explain concepts. We are looking for someone that is dedicated to wanting to help a dynamic new Theatre company from the start, and understanding that there may be areas of work that you are asked to help with to help establish the Company, that is outside this remit initially. We also seeking someone who is as committed to the Company's vision and values as the rest of the Team.

Initially this will be an Ad-hoc permeant post as needed by the Theatre; you will also need to be based in South Essex. This post will report to Harry Fitzpatrick, Director of Temporal Horizons Theatre and to Charlie Catton, Head Producer of Temporal Horizons Theatre, along with other Team members as appropriate around specific productions or areas of workshopping, rehearsals and venue/location decisions


The position would initially be non-paying, however as productions start to be staged regularly, a payment will be given for work incurred and will be done in an equal percentage of money earned in box-office takings, subject to your ad-hoc days or hours worked. In future, once the Temporal Horizons Theatre company is fully established, and is able to do so, future salary will be based on an equal system of payment between company members, based on work undertaken. There is also a possibility once Temporal Horizons Theatre company is fully established, that this role will be made a full-time or part-time permeant post.

To apply please send a cover letter, CV and Spotlight link to


Temporal Horizons Theatre company is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Posted: 26th March 2021

Closing date: 30th June 2021.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed via Zoom by the full Team, with start date to be confirmed once Candidate is in post.

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