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Temporal Horizons Theatre

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We are passionate and fascinated about all aspects of the Industry, so we've set up our own Temporal Horizons Theatre Podcast to talk with Creatives in whatever the discipline they work in - from actors, to choreographers, to playwrights and script writers, to dancers and voice over artists - all making their way in this, our amazing Industry - and talk to them about their work and what drives them onwards, the challenges that they have faced in their life and what has made them into the talent they are, or just a warm chat about current life!


It's always a great listen, so come join our friendly hosts Harry Fitzpatrick and Charlie Catton talking to a range of fascinating people in the Industry we all love! Our Podcasts are available via our YouTube channel. Just click on the link below to take you to our page where you can listen to them for free.

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Exceptions vs. Reality

We've come up with a series of short lighthearted videos about various situations and aspects of the Industry that Creatives may have unrealistic or fearful exceptions about and help you see the reality from within inside the Industry! We've tackled submitting a script to a Theatre for writers, to "getting in the acting zone" for actors, to acting in an outdoor theatre - to name just a few! Come take a look to see the reality!

All our Exception vs. Reality videos are free to watch on our YouTube channel and all our social media platforms.

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Our YouTube channel is where you can get our free Podcasts and see our Exceptions vs. Reality videos!

We are continually adding content that won't be seen anywhere else on our other social media platforms about Temporal Horizons Theatre, the Team and productions so subscribe today and don't miss out!

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Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter

Temporal Horizons Theatre can be found across Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter! All our social media feeds are full of fun original content and information about what's going on with Temporal Horizons Theatre. We will also sometimes post exclusive content to only one soical media platform, so make sure to subscribe to all our platforms so as to not miss out! 

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