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An Evening With Shakespeare For The NHS

 Adapted and Directed by Harry Fitzpatick


An Evening with Shakespeare for The NHS was adapted and directed by Harry Fitzpatrick and premiered on Temporal Horizon Theatre's YouTube channel in March 2021; with Charlie Catton as Assistant Director and Producer, Rosamund Gravelle as Producer and Erin Marsh as Composer, and featuring among others Wendy Morgan, Jim Conway, Dickon Farmer, Celia Learmonth and Aiyaz Ahmed.

The online film featured a range of extracts taken from Shakespeare's plays giving life to Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man"; along with a sprinkling of Ancient Greek play extracts to add flavour and a nod to Shakespeare's background of learning from ancient classic plays. 


Produced as a not-for profit film, and along with all those involved giving their time and energy for free, the film managed to raise over four hundred pounds for NHS Charities.

You can still donate to NHS Charities via this link should you wish to: 


Production Team

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